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Marketing, branding, content creation, however way you slice the dice, it’s all about touching chords with your audience. There are a few ways one can do that. Art and music perhaps, but few things bind hearts and minds like Sport. One might argue that there just isn’t any.

And at the heart of Blazon, is Sport.
In all its excellence, its paradoxical yet whimsical manner by which it flirts between the elite and the masses, the athlete and the amateur, Sport is the world’s first tool in marketing. It is also our way to help you reach your audience.

At Blazon, we understand Sport, we are fans of Sport, and like the undying flame that fires the ultimate in sporting challenges, The Olympic Games, we are Empowered to Blaze On.

Benny Teo

Managing Director

Conrad Chua

Creative Director

Eunice Seah

Project Director

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