Benny Teo

Managing Director

A seasoned journalist and editor with over 20 years of media experience, his last stint in SPH was multi-fold, acting as Editor of ‘Swing’ in The Straits Times and The Business Times. He was also the Managing Editor of Golf Vacations, Golf/Women and General Manager of the SPH Golf Club.

A former director of luxury publisher Pacom Media Pte Ltd, his experience in creative branding stems from years of crafting unique solutions for clients wanting to address their market or enter new markets through innovative ways.

He was also instrumental in the creation of GolfPunk Singapore, a title that was well ahead of its time, representing all that golf is not; and bringing the infamous GolfPunk Day Off events to the delight of golfers all over the country.

Luxury or mass market engagement, whatever the need may be, Benny has the experience to tackle them and add value in a way that ensures the brand voice is not just heard, it is remembered. His desire to do more and create more has led to the founding of Blazon, a company that is, as its slogan says, “Empowered to Blaze on”.