“A Night with Kumar and Friends”
August 1, 2020 - 6pm to 9.00pm

The Chefs

Virtual Chef’s Table

A unique dining experience where a delectable meal will be sent to you from our participating chefs Ivan Yeo, Alvin Leong, Cao Yong, Patrick Heuberger and Francois Mermilliod. The local team of Ivan, Alvin and Cao Yong will pit their skills against the French duo of Patrick and Francois in a unique ‘Cook-off’ where you, the diners, get to participate in the voting process.  

European Chefs

The dynamic duo of Patrick Heuberger and Francois Mermilliod are experts in the field of French cuisine and will combine their imaginations to create a distinctive blend of four courses that will tantalise your taste buds in a partnership that offers the best of France from two culinary masters.

Chef Patrick Heuberger

Swiss-born and trained in the French culinary arts, Chef Patrick Heuberger is a multiple award-winning chef who has been working in the kitchens since the age of 14. By 20, he had already begun working in three-starred Michelin restaurants and had very quickly risen the ranks. He arrived in Singapore in 2001 for Au Petit Salut and now helms his own establishment, Atout. Patrick is known for his simple approach to French cuisine and is a master of the art of charcuterie.

Chef Francoise Mermilliod

Chef Francois Mermilliod is an adventurous spirit whose culinary expertise is as diverse as his manifold experiences ranging from teaching underprivileged youths in the Caribbean how to cook, to working the kitchens of a swanky London golf club and fine dining establishments in Singapore and Sydney. Chef Francois now helms his own Bar-A-Thym, a casual eatery focused on the flavours of southern France and the Mediterranean.

Asian Masters

Not one, not two, but three of the top Asian talents in Singapore has come together to take on the European challenge. A first in its own right, these four young masters of Asia have brewed their own beer, helmed Michelin-starred restaurants and even won a World Chef Championship. Together, they look to serve up an exquisite taste of Asia like never before.

Chef Ivan Yeo

The chef-owner of 1925, Ivan Yeo is a man of many talents. As a chef, he is inspired by traditional Teochew cuisine and goes through every grandmother’s recipe he can find to get that unmistakably winning taste. He also runs a microbrewery with his brother EK, who is the company’s brewmaster. With such local recipes as LiangTeh brew, it serves a distinct formula that defies all convention, like his food.

Chef Alvin Leong

With over 20 years of extensive culinary experience, Chef Alvin Leong has helmed the role of Executive Chef across various top hotels in Singapore, creating modern masterpieces across a range of Asian, Straits, Peranakan, Cantonese and European cuisine. Currently the Executive Chef at Crown Plaza Changi Airport, Chef Alvin takes pride in cooking from basic recipes and techniques and finishing them with a delicate touch of innovation and creativity.

Chef Cao Yong

Having come to Singapore since the age of 15, Cao Yong has dedicated his life to honing the art of Chinese cuisine. At a tender age of 26, he opened his first restaurant, New Taste at Macpherson Road to rave reviews and in 2015, he led a team of four chefs from Singapore to the World Chef Championship in Shanghai (世界厨王上海争霸赛) and came in first place in the team competition, beating even the host.

With the senses of sound, sight, taste making their way from our heads to our hearts, this 3-hour long extravaganza is certainly something not to be missed!

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