“A Night with Kumar and Friends”
August 1, 2020 - 6pm to 9.00pm

The Entertainment


No one holds a crowd better than Kumar, virtual, figurative, literal, or any other way you spin it; there is simply no escape from Singapore’s favourite drag comedian. Only he can throw a vitriolic barb your way and make you laugh. Imagine spending two and a half hours with him in the same room. Well, you can now!

Joanna Dong

Then there’s the songbird with the voice that angels wished they had. Here’s your chance to meet Joanna Dong, talk to her and find out how she makes a soulful trumpet come out of her delicate vocal chords. Thereafter, sit back and enjoy being taken on a journey of jazz along a sentimental sidewalk of whimsical charm. 

Jack and Rai

From Wala Wala to Barcelona to Balaclava, veteran singers-songwriters Jack and Rai have wowed crowded rooms and are the nation’s preeminent live gig acts. Mixing covers of pop and alternative rock classics to mid-2000s folksy, rock chart-toppers, they even released an original album that has spawned two hits “The Fa La La Song” and “Fiona”. Entertaining is their way of life and music, their conduit. Expect a fun-filled, roller coaster ride when Jack and Rai enter the room.

The Lost Box

Regularly singing live at Warehouse Bistro, Wala Wala, Timbre, Rooftop Bar Lady Wu, and more, The Lost Box is Dale, Darren and Jed who mixes their individual tastes (rock, jazz. Backstreet Boys) to produce a unique sound for their music. Dale and Darren have also recently composed a Theme Song for a new local TV show entitled “Classmates”, airing on MeWatch and Channel 5 in June. The song “Right Here (Classmates Original Soundtrack)” has been released on Spotify on 1 June 2020. 

Special Guest Star

Víctor Sánchez del Amo

A man who has successfully transitioned from title-winning player to professional manager, Victor combines the acumen of a footballer with the brain of a thinker. Having been a part of arguably the greatest football team in the world and then coaching and taking care of his own team, he has seen the footballer’s joy, and suffering through arthritic pain. Meet him, listen and talk to him and be enthralled by the breadth of his storytelling.

Special Guest Star

Feliciano López Díaz-Guerra

The Spanish tennis star won big at Queen’s Club last year bagging both the singles and doubles titles. Being able to perform at such an intensive level for more than 20 years, which includes a Grand Slam doubles title at the 2016 French Open, is no mean feat. Throughout his career, he has played in the most five-set matches that have gone beyond 6–6 in the post-tiebreak era, with his longest fifth set being 16–14 at the 2009 Australian Open against Gilles Müller. This is a man who knows grit, valour and the power of mind over body and he will share it with you in this unique and cosy setting.

With the senses of sound, sight, taste making their way from our heads to our hearts, this 3-hour long extravaganza is certainly something not to be missed!

And while you’re enjoying it, do find it in your heart to offer a donation to our needy arthritis patients. It’s a difficult time, we know, but imagine how much more so it is for them.

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